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Scratch Day at Young Makers @ Maker Faire Bay Area

Posted 1 year ago by Danielle Martin

"A Light in the Clubhouse: Intel Computer Clubhouse Does Makey Makey Illustrations". Come help us create conductive props to bring to life the poems of Shel Silverstein poems OR take a chance and remix your own poems! While you spark the light in your attic, learn more about how Computer Clubhouses all over the world encourage youth ages 10-18 years old to design and tinker using all sorts of arts and technology tools (including Scratch 2.0 and Makey Makey), based on their interests, in a peer-to-peer community of learners who create with purpose every afternoon.

Come find us at the Young Makers booth on Saturday May 18th from 12-4pm, just south of the East Gate.

Who: Everyone
When: May 18, 2013 - 12:00pm
4 hours
Where: Maker Faire - Bay Area
San Mateo County Event Center
1346 Saratoga Dr.
San Mateo
United States
Cost: Free once inside Maker Faire
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This event is open to the general public - no registration is required.

For more information, contact or visit