SCRATCH DAY 2015 takes place on MAY 9, 2015. A new Scratch Day website will be launching soon!


Event-Hosting Guides

The Scratch Event Organizing Guide is your introduction to all things Scratch Day. Other helpful guides and sources of activities to explore include:

  • Getting Started with Scratch: Never hosted a Scratch workshop? Looking for new ideas to refresh your current workshop approach? Explore the Getting Started with Scratch workshop guide to learn how to introduce Scratch to kids and adults.
  • MIT Scratch Curriculum Guide: The MIT Scratch Curriculum Guide is a 20-session introduction to Scratch. The guide includes numerous Scratch activities and handouts that could be used at an event.
  • Design Studio Activities: Whether you are new to Scratch or have been using Scratch for a while, this collection of 16 activities is intended to help you think about the possibilities for different ways of creating with Scratch. Each activity presents a constraint – some element or idea that should be included (or not included) in your project.

Event-Hosting Webinars

In this special webinar all about Scratch Day, ScratchEd Team members shared strategies and resources for those interested in hosting a Scratch Day event.

In this webinar, we invited educators from around the world (Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States) to share their experiences of hosting a Scratch Day event.


The Scratch Day 2013 welcome video from members of the Scratch Team to you and your Scratch Day participants.

Check out some of the new features in the newest generation of Scratch: Scratch 2.0.
YouTube | Vimeo

Graphical Assets and Giveaways

Here is a collection of starter materials, from basic logos to finished posters. You can use these graphical assets to make giveaways for participants, or order items through the Zazzle Scratch Store.

  • Scratch Day Logo - Large (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Logo - Small (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Cat - Large (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Cat - Small (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Postcard, Front - (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Postcard, Back v1 - (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Postcard, Back v2 - (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Poster, Blue 8.5x11 - (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Poster, Blue 11x17 - (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Poster, White 8.5x11 - (png | pdf | ai)
  • Scratch Day Poster, White 11x17 - (png | pdf | ai)

Scratch 2.0

Scratch 2.0 is now the active version on the Scratch web site. As a part of Scratch Day celebrations around the world, we will be featuring Scratch 2.0 for all those who wish to use it.

Other Resources

If you have resources that you would like included here or if you spot anything that should be changed, please let us know through the Contact Us form or share your resources on ScratchEd.