Scratch Day

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About Event

Scratch Day event for kids in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State has one major goal and that is; exposing kids in Ekiti to the possibilities of technology.

We would make it an interesting and interactive event for the kids and make them believe they are problem solvers using technology. Our speakers and facilitators will be top-notch and understand how to train kids properly.
There would be games, competition and prizes to be won!

An event like this would also help kids IQ as technology is known for stretching the brain to its maximum potentials.

Event Plans

  • It would be a maximum of a 4-hour event. On arrival, there will be registration and tags for the children for their safety. The next session will be the first speaker then an icebreaker session. Next would be another speaker’s session. After that will be for tea break session. A scratch facilitator comes up next then the games and competitions would follow. Prize giving, photographs and lunch will be the last session and we have a wonderful experience to ponder upon for a very long time!


This event is free.

Contact / Registration

If you have additional questions contact the host through email.

No registration required.