Scratch Day

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Celebrate World Scratch Day with HackLab & Citrix Systems

Hosted by HackLab UK

About Event

Join HackLab for a day of workshops in celebration of World Scratch Day 2016!

Our workshops are suitable for complete beginners as well as Scratch-pros, ages 8 - 16. Choose from Rocket Rumble or MakeyMakey Mayhem at set times on the day. An adult must accompany the child to the workshop and are encouraged to join in, or relax on the sofa area.

Rocket Rumble (90mins, 10am & 11.45am):
It’s been a long fight, but we’ve managed to push the aliens back to their last stronghold. Captain, we need you to create a command interface in Scratch, take control of your deadly Thunder USB Rocket Launcher, and program it to wipe the deadly menace from the face of our planet! A game of real life Missile Command!

MaykeyMakey Mayhem (3hrs, 1.30pm):
Using the rad MakeyMakey board, you’ll design a game with a unique way to play – using a physical controller you’ll design yourself! The MakeyMakey is a great tool for creating new digital interfaces: from the infamous ‘banana piano’ to hilarious ‘puppet boxing’ video games, the MakeyMakey is only limited by your imagination!


This event is free.

Contact / Registration

If you have additional questions contact the host through email.

Registration is required, please register here.