Scratch Day

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About Event

El Ayuntamiento de Utebo y la asociación expeduca Formación colaboran para organizar este evento.
Queremos llegar a cuantos más jóvenes (y no tan jóvenes) sea posible. Estamos diseñando unos minicursos donde propondremos rutinas de programación sencillas para conocer el entorno. Utilizaremos un conjunto de 12 bloques que consideramos básicos para comenzar nuestra aventura con Scratch.
Para aseguraros plaza, contactadnos en

12 blocks and an orange cat.
Utebo City Council and expeduca Formación organization work together to develop this event.
We would like to reach as many kids (and teens) as possible. We will develope few minicourses where learn simple routines as we discover the environment. We will use a basic set of 12 blocks to begin our Scratch adventure.
If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us in

Event Plans

  • 12 bloques y un gato naranja - introducción a Scratch.


This event is free.

Contact / Registration

If you have additional questions contact the host through email.

No registration required.