Scratch Day

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About Event

The Scratch Day will be hold in Escola Carme Auguet on May 15th,2015 from 9:30a.m until 4:30p.m.

We invite three other schools to share, create and have fun all together. We are going to be around 220 persons at the same place for the same reason: celebrate the Scratch Day.

One of the hits of this event is the video conference with Claudia Urrea. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of Education and Technology. She will explain and answer some questions about using Scratch in the school.

We thanks Agustí Gifre School, Sta. Margarida School and Dalmau Carles School to participate at this great event. We also wants to say thank you to the researchers, teachers from the University of Girona (Udg), Centre Recursos Pedagògics del Gironès to help us to manage the Scratch Day in our school.

Event Plans

  • Each Primary Cycle students from our school will welcome other students from the same level and will show the school.
  • From 10a.m to 11a.m all the schools will share diferents Scratch projects.
  • After breakfast, we will do a GymKana to play, create, program diferent activities.
  • After lunch, the researches and teachers from University of Girona (Udg) will do workshops for students while the teachers will be at the video conference with Claudia Urrea in order to learn more about using Scratch at school.
  • At the end, we will take a picture with all the participants wearing the same T-shirt and around a big cat made by ballons. Later on, it will be a present for each school to remember Scracth Day celebreted in Escola Carme Auguet.


This event is free.

Contact / Registration

If you have additional questions contact the host through email.

No registration required.