Scratch Day

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About Event

「第25回 プログラミングカフェ おとなとこどもと」は活動の一環としてScratch Day 2017 in Mayを一緒にお祝いしたいと考えています。 今回はいつものように、Scratchでの創作活動とシェアをみんなで楽しんだあと、「自由な表現活動と相互理解・コミュニケーションや学びの更なる促進」を目的に「プチ哲学対話おとなとこどもと」を開催予定です。小学3年生以上であれば、年齢、立場、障害の有る無し、プログラミングスキル如何に関わらず、全ての方のご参加をお待ちしております。初心者大歓迎です! Join us on May 21th at the YORIMICHI CAFE,Togoshi Ginza shopping street in Tokyo, share, learn, and celebrate 10 amazing years of Scratch together. Doors will open at 10:45am for registration, and festivities will run from 11am to 12:30pm. After an opening ceremony, firstly we shall introduce ourselves.Secondly we start Scratch creation.Some participants can provide lecture for beginners.After an hour creation, we shall share our project.We are considering casual Philosophical dialogue after finish Scratch project sharing. This event can enroll for free.Please order something(coffee,tea,juice,etc)for cafe. All ages are welcome, from newcomers to experienced Scratchers. All participants will have a chance to learn more about Scratch, share projects, and hang out with us. Parents and educators are encouraged to participate in activities and join discussions about Scratch. We can’t wait to celebrate Scratch Day with you on Sunday May 21th

Event Plans

  • 10:45am: Check-in
  • 11am: Opening Introduction
  • 11am - 12:30pm: Scratch Activitie(Create,share,learn,discuss)
  • 12:30pm: Casual Philosophical dialogue
  • Please order at least one drink or snack for cafe and pay for it


This event is free.

Contact / Registration

If you have additional questions contact the host through email.

Registration is required, please register here.