Scratch Day

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Step 1


What kind of Scratch Day will you create?

Organize Your Day

Consider designing an agenda that includes these four parts.

Scratch Day event activities

Welcoming Ceremony

Kick off your event by gathering participants together to create a sense of community and inspiration. You can try out icebreaker activities, play some animated example projects, and give an overview of the day.


You can do many types of activities on Scratch Day – from beginner sessions to more advanced projects. To start planning, check out the Ideas section for activities and resources, and see the Scratch Day Planning Blog Posts and Activities PDF for more helpful ideas.

Festive Activities

Create a lively environment by including activities like face painting and photo booths, and add festive flair to your event with decorations, costumes, swag, and snacks.

Share & Tell

Wrap up your Scratch Day by sharing Scratch projects together, showing photos or video of the day's activities, and leaving time to celebrate together!

Step 3


Invite your community and spread the word!

Use these images and logos in your handouts, social media posts, and other materials to let people know about your event.

Share photos, video, and news about your event with the world! Use #scratchday to tag your posts or mention @scratch.