Scratch Day

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Step 1


What kind of Scratch Day will you create?

Sample Activities

  • Race to the Finish

    Get ready for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil by making a game where two characters race each other!

  • Dance, Dance, Dance

    Make an interactive dance scene, combining music and dance moves.

  • Getting Started with Scratch

    Follow this tutorial to learn Scratch fundamentals, create your first project, and share it with the community.

  • Pop the Bubbles

    Remix this project to insert yourself into your own Scratch project using a webcam and video sensing.

  • MaKey MaKey and Scratch

    Use a banana, a metal spoon, or other conductive objects to interact with your Scratch projects!

  • Scratch Extensions

    Experienced Scratchers can use extensions to connect with physical devices and online data.

See the Scratch Help page for Getting Started Guides, video tutorials, and Scratch Cards.

Step 3


What do you need & how will you do it?

Use these resources to start organizing your day. You can host a Scratch Day in your home, or consider working with a local library, school, museum, business, or community center.

Step 4


How will you get the word out?

Scratch Day is a global event! You can use the assets and logos below in your handouts, social media posts, and other materials to get the word out.

Share photos, video, and news about your event with the world! Use #scratchday to tag your posts or mention @scratch.

Step 5


It’s just that easy!

Now you’re ready to host your own Scratch Day. Have fun and keep on Scratching!